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Jodi Garber-Simon


Jodi Garber-Simon’s writing has always opened new windows to discovery, and her listening ear has helped others see their own success just before them. Jodi’s newspaper articles and blogs have reconnected families and helped people to find their own sense of place in foreign lands. Her strategic marketing work  has lifted non-profits to new levels and her global writing and editing has forged lasting links between U.S. development work and countries around the world.


She started writing on Xerox paper on the floor of her father’s office and hasn’t stopped since. She has written about everything from ice cream trucks to producing energy from garbage, from what it’s like to leave your baby outside a café in Denmark to the type of foreign aid the U.S. is providing in Liberia. Jodi is a lover of great adventures and foreign travel but she relishes the feeling of returning home to the Pacific Northwest.