Bighorn Communications, LLC


Our Work

When your projects occur a world away, it takes the right touch to bring it home.


Working with the U.S. Agency for International Development, we brought to life the critical projects they are doing around the world through stories that helped this federal agency best connect with Congress and international partners.


In the crowded space of D.C. non-profits, Jodi’s marketing expertise helped modernize this teen-centered program to engage donors, families and youth participants in new and different civic activities across the country.

From campaigns for landmark legislation on human rights, international sanctions and economic transparency, we launched this bipartisan Commission into the digital age, earning the trust of senior lawmakers and their counterparts across the globe.

Despite a down economy we helped catapult this Assembly of elected parliamentarians onto the global media stage and achieve record participation in its conferences. From social media to interactive reports on civic engagement, we helped parliaments make a bigger difference for the people they represent.

As the world's largest regional security organization grappled with its most high-profile year amid conflict in Ukraine, OSCE leaders turned to us to produce their annual report and work with ambassadors across Europe and Central Asia to tell their story in a manner that was sensitive to all involved.

Fortune 500 leaders trust Evanta to bring them together in a private and secure environment in person and online. We conducted an industry audit for this connector of corporate giants and provided content strategy to give them a new way forward to better serve their audience.

Survivors of Japanese internment and first-hand witnesses were dwindling and nobody had ever captured the story of the secret FBI-run prison camp in Santa Fe, until we dug up national archives and tracked down families for this documentary. One of our most rewarding projects, the film aired on public TV and has been featured as part of Japanese-American festivals and in musems and at universities.

In a region with limited places for law enforcement agencies to conduct realistic training exercises, JROC answers the call. We advised this catalyst for agency collaboration on all facets of public affairs, resulting in local government support and stronger relations with other community partners.

From crafting a white paper to convince legislators to uphold credit unions' tax exempt status, to helping market and create a financial education program for teens, Jodi's communications expertise helped increase this trade association's visibility and impact.

Serving more than 1.5 million people in three counties, Metro turned to Jodi to develop content and strategy to help citizens better engage with their regional govenrment.